Parent Payment Policy

Medical Conditions


With the exception of asthma puffers all medicines brought to school by students are to be housed and administered from the general office. When students bring medicines to school they are to be sent to the general office along with a Consent of Medication form that is to be completed by the parent at the time or in advance.   Teachers will ensure that the students report to the general office at the appropriate time for the administration of medication. Staff at the school cannot administer Panadol, Nurofen, Aspirin or equivalent without express written communication from parents.


Please inform the school on enrolment if your child has severe allergies which result in anaphylaxis and require the use of an autoinjector (Epipen).  A current (not more than 12 months old) plan signed by your GP will need to be sent to school along with an Epipen for your child’s use.

We request that other parents avoid sending foods such as nuts and impress the importance of children not sharing food. Please do not send along food treats (e.g. birthday cakes, lollies, chocolates) for other children without first checking with your child’s teacher.


Students who suffer from Asthma are required to have an updated Asthma plan signed by their G.P.  An asthma puffer needs to be provided to the school for your child to access. Personal asthma medication (puffers) can be kept in the classroom in a secure but accessible area along with each child’s asthma management plan and spacer.

Students who suffer from allergies which result in an anaphylactic reaction are required to have an updated plan signed by their G.P.  An epi-pen needs to be provided to the school to access if required.