Our school’s vision is to build a learning community where students develop a ‘Growth Mindset’ and are challenged to be creative, critical and curious learners.


Mount Duneed Regional Primary School’s mission is to provide all learners with the best learning and development experience, providing the foundation in life to succeed with community spirit.

Mount Duneed Regional Primary School’s objective is to ensure all students leave our school as creative, critical and curious learners with (their individual wellbeing, learning and development needs being met) a practical understanding of the curriculum.


The following values are seen as essential to the life of our school and how all members of the school community should conduct themselves:

Respect                Responsible             Safe                 Active Learners

We promise to be SAFE by following all rules and expectations.

We RESPECT ourselves, our school and each other, acknowledging the diversity of Australians and accepting the rights of others.

We will be RESPONSIBLE for our actions towards ourselves, each other, our school and the environment.

As ACTIVE LEARNERS we use a 'Growth Mindset' to be creative, critical and curious learners and collaborate for 'Success with Community Spirit'!


As a school we apply these values to our everyday dealings with each other and in the development of our programs and policies.

The school motto is ‘Success with Community Spirit’.