Digital Technologies Rationale:

Mt. Duneed Regional Primary School highly values the engaging and rich learning experiences that effective technology integration can bring. The promotion and advancement of placing a greater emphasis on digital technology integration aligns with world wide educational trends to ensure today’s learners are more adept at communication, creating, collaborating and critically thinking in a technology driven world.


Mount Duneed Regional Primary School eVision:

Access to technology has changed how we communicate, think and process information. Digital technologies can maximize learning opportunities and support learning that is connected, collaborative and global. Children at MDRPS will learn how to engage with the world around them and acquire digital skills to participate in life and work beyond school, this includes:

  • Access to quality resources
  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Self-directed learning
  • Connecting and collaborating
  • Developing digital skills
  • Accessing & reviewing in real-time
  • Connecting families to learning
  • Crossing educational divides

Students at MDRPS have access to a share bank of netbooks and iPads that they can use within the classroom for a variety of tasks and learning opportunities.