“The study of music is essential to the emotional, intellectual, physical, social growth and the general well-being of all students. The study of music profoundly contributes to the complete understanding of their world and that school music programs need to be continuous, sequential and developmental”.

Our Music program draws its philosophy and musical inspiration from methods produced by Kodaly, Orff and more recently the Musical Futures Program.

Our music objectives based on these methods include:

  • Developing to the fullest extent possible the innate musicality present in all children.
  • Developing the language of music known to children.
  • To make available to children the great art music of the world, so that through performing, listening, studying and analyzing masterworks they will come to love and appreciation of music based on knowledge about music.
  • To encourage active participation in all experiences.
  • To provide a background in rhythm and melody, laying the foundation and building an understanding of music and musical notation.
  • To cultivate the musical imagination and develop the ability to improvise.
  • Provide experience with basic elements of music including pentatonic scales and further developing into major and minor scales.
  • To cultivate individual creativity and confidence to participate in ensemble activities such as our senior choir, school concert and the yearly nation wide initiative ‘Music Count Us In’.
  • To develop confidence in composition through exploration of scales, song structure or form, songwriting and the use of ICT.
  • Reflecting and discussing how popular musicians learn through an informal learning model.

Performance opportunities are offered throughout the year to help make their experience in the music program meaningful and exciting. These opportunities include engagement with the ‘Music Count Us In’ program, Geelong Music and Movement Festival, assembly performances, school concerts, and small ensembles performing at local community events including the ‘Warralily Christmas Carols’.

Drama and dance curriculum is recognised within our core music program and reflects in our main school concert production developed every second year.

Engaging students in a sustainable music program that reflects their interests and ideas whilst also developing their fundamental music knowledge in sequence is key to our arts program.

The children hear it first

Then sing

Then understand

Then read and write

And then create